Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No More Silencing Roger Lucey

"This summer, there's to be a grand concert in New York, celebrating the 91st birthday of Nelson Mandela. His release from prison almost 20 years ago was seen as the real beginning of the end to South Africa's apartheid policies.Twenty years ago, Roger Lucey was a young musician who used his music to confront apartheid. But just as Roger's career was taking off, a young South African security officer was assigned to ruin him."

This story is more amazing not just because of Roger's vindication after surviving years of devious censorship, but because these two men formed an unlikely friendship. The true forgiveness and acceptance of Roger and his nemesis, Paul Erasmus, gives so much hope for the reconciliation of individuals as well as society. It is stirring to hear Roger's kind words--he has this sweetness about him, plus, his music is good. In the NPR interview, Paul said that he'd actually become a "secret fan" of Roger's early on. Rock on, Roger!

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  1. i too heard the interview on 'the story' and was really touched by the complexities of emotions i felt...

    i am an amercan who lived in joburg in 84-85 then again a few years later, knew alot of the same folks roger did and had a relatively good sense of the vibe at the time.

    god bless all the folks of south africa......and all the best!

    doug foland


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